Editor and Director 

Editor and Director of the Obesity Awareness Materials

• Patient guide For Multidisciplinary clinic
• Obesity : The Global Epidemic
• Dietary Plan for Post-Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery
• Vitamin D and nutritional values
• Smart Shopping : A healthy Shopping Plan
• Eat this Not That For Healthy Kids
• Parent Guide : How to Deal with your Obese Kids
• Behavioral therapy and Obesity
• National Obesity Campaign!!
• Be Fit.. Be Healthy : physical activity guide for obese patient
• 60 Minutes is All what you need : Fitness tips
• Your Traffic Light for Healthy Life
• Obesity and Diseases
• What Happen in your body When you lose weight
• Obesity and Diabetic
• Where to find Vitamins/Minerals in Daily food

Ongoing studies: 32 research projects related to:

  • Comparison in Compliance to Obesity Chair Weight Management Program between Bariatric and Weight management in children and adolescents H.Pylori and Bariatric Surgery
  • Nash and Obesity in children and adolescents
  • Mental Retardation and Bariatric surgery
  • Micronutrient deficiency and Obesity
  • Prader Willi Syndrome and bariatric surgery
  • Down Syndrome and bariatric surgery
  • Health Related Quality of Life and bariatric surgery
  • Eating Behavior post Bariatric surgery
  • Food Frequency post Bariatric surgery
  • Bone Density post Bariatric surgery

Editor and/or Supervised editing for the following Booklets

• Healthy Recipes : More than 50 healthy Recipes
• Bariatric Surgery Patient Guide
• Patient Protocol After Bariatric Surgery
• Your Food Guide : customized for Saudi Arabia famous recipes and ingredient
• Self –Measurement Guideline for Personal Use
• Smart – Calories Calculator
• 50 Video Recipes for Most famous Saudi Meals
• Design and Production of the first Healthy Plate designed to simulate the Actual Somatic Shape and size
• The Editor and Director of the First Saudi magazine specialized in Obesity and health related issues

Supervise and Chair Annual International Conference

  • Design the conference Theme and concepts
  • Leading the Scientific committee in developing the scientific program
  • Supervise and manage all administrative team and conference logistics
  • Drafting the conference recommendation and sending it to the legal
  • Developing national Strategies and policies to fight and prevent