Leading the prevention of obesity and intervention in the Kingdom

Design and Supervising Awareness campaigns to fight obesity in different sectors:
  • Obesity Awareness Campaign in Aramco 2012 Summer Program
  • Obesity Awareness Campaign in Health is a Crown Week Activities
  • Raising Awareness Campaign about Obesity for University Students
  • Running Obesity Prevention Activity in Aramco Festival : Ras Tanoura
  • Running Obesity Awareness Campaign in Al Taif in collaboration with Al Taif University
  • Healthy Kitchen and Educational corner for one month in Aramco Annual Festival
  • Participated in the Janadriya Festival for 15 days
  • Lecture and Awareness Day in Prince Sultan Humanitarian City
  • Obesity Awareness Campaign in the Kingdom’s schools
  • Train Nurses in Primary Care Centers How to Deal with Obese Patient
  • Obesity and Down Syndrome Lecture in Down Syndrome Schools
  • Obesity Awareness Campaign in Hurlimala Schools
  • Obesity Awareness Campaign for more than 20,000 Visitors for Al Janadirah 26th with Awareness Section for Physical Activity & Sports, Healthy Food & Recipes Section, and Comprehensive Tests and Measurements Dept.
  • Awareness Campaign to Combat Obesity in AzizMall, Jeddah
  • Awareness Campaign to Combat Obesity in Rashid Mall, Eastern Region
  • Awareness Campaign to Combat Obesity in Hayat Mall, Riyadh
  • Awareness Campaign to Combat Obesity in Granada Mall, Riyadh
  • Awareness Campaign to Combat Obesity in Riyadh Gallery Mall, Riyadh
  • Awareness Campaign in Kingdom Hospital
  • Awareness Day to Combat Obesity in Prince Nayef Medical Center, King Fahd Security College
  • Awareness Day in 5 High Schools designed for Students and their Parents
  • Awareness Day to Combat Obesity for School Students Manarat Al-Riyadh
  • Awareness Day to Combat Obesity in National Guard Hospital to Raise Awareness
  • Awareness Days including Lectures for Ministry of Education “ Female Sector”
  • National Obesity Awareness Campaign in Aramco 2011 Festival
  • Awareness Day, National Obesity Campaign in Red Sea Mall, Jeddah
  • Awareness Day, National Obesity Campaign in Rashed Mall, Khobar
  • Fitness and Diet Exhibition
  • Talent Program Activity – Infertility and Reproduction, King Saud University
  • Awareness Day “Let’s walk” Olayisha – Female College in KSU
  • School Awareness Program on Private Schools
  • School Awareness Campaign “Meen Qadaak”, executed by KSU’s Student Group & supervised by Obesity Chair
  • Talent Program Activity, King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity
  • Awareness Day – Obesity Treatment and Prevention Methods, Onaiza, KSA
  • International Nutrition Day “Childhood Obesity”,
  • Health Awareness – Obesity, The Global Epidemic within the program of “The Biotechnology & Diseases of the Time,

Obesity Awareness in Media

  • Ramadan Health Episode – البأس
  • Writing more than 84 Press article to fight obesity in the national newspapers (AL Riyadh , AL Jazerah , Al Sharq el awsat , AL Yom , Al hayat , Saydaty , AL Eqtsadyah )
  • Create the first Obesity Awareness 3D animated movies which been used to highlight the major wrong routines that cause obesity in the Saudi family
  • Weekly TV Show Report about Surgery cases to raise awareness about obesity and related

The organizer and Chair of the First Saudi Endocrine and Bariatric Consensus that aims  to  formulate a national guideline on the role of Gastrointestinal surgery in the treatment of diabetes. Selected International experts in the field of Bariatric medicine, endocrinology and Bariatric surgery have been chosen as members  of consensus panels.