Medical and Surgical Management

We live in a world were physical appearance plays a significant part in a person’s social life; it is easy for an overweight – obese person to feel low self-confident and alienated from the society. As a consequence, people often are led into the false perception that will never become healthy and happy.

Having this in mind, people often succumb in exhausting diets and diet supplements thinking that these can make them thin and healthy. However, this is far from the case because such diets can damage their health as well as diets do not apply as a treatment to severe obesity cases.
Morbid obesity is not considered to be a cosmetic problem, since the many medical conditions it is associated with can double the chances of a premature death*, compared to a normal weight person. As the BMI rate increases the more susceptible the person becomes to the various medical problems associated with obesity.

Moreover, men have higher chances of developing cancer i.e. colon, rectum and prostate, while for women, cancer of the breast, uterus and ovarian, are more likely to occur than to a normal weight woman.