Weight Loss Solutions

Smart Gastric Balloon (Programmed Capsule)

The duration of the operation

The smart balloon (programmed capsule) is performed in the clinic within 10 minutes without the need for an endoscope, anesthesia, or hypnosis.

How to perform the operation

After swallowing the smart capsule, the liquid, which has a volume of 500 ml, is filled within 5 to 10 minutes.

The shape of the stomach after the operation

The balloon occupies about a third to half of the stomach, which gives you a quick feeling of satiety, in small quantities, and for relatively longer periods.

Who can perform the operation

The balloon (programmed capsule) is suitable for people who have an excess weight of 10 to 15 kg

The expected rate of weight loss with the smart balloon is about 10 to 15 kg within 4 months

The programmed capsule for weight loss is classified as one of the best modern medical discoveries for the treatment of obesity cases that do not need to undergo an obesity surgery, and for those who have a problem with losing excess weight using traditional methods.

Features of the smart stomach balloon

  1. The duration of the smart balloon is 4 months, after which it decomposes and exits through the intestines without the need to extract it by endoscope
  2. The patient exercises his normal life after two hours, and after a day or two, he may return to work normally.
  3. The smart programmed capsule helps in losing weight and getting rid of all complications and diseases resulting from it, including chronic diabetes and high pressure.