Weight Loss Solutions

Saxenda slimming needles

The mechanism of action of slimming needles

The substance in the slimming needles contains a substance that is very similar to the body's natural hormones, so the slimming needles work to control the blood sugar and control the patient's appetite, and delay the emptying of the stomach, which makes the patient feel a loss of appetite and lose more weight.

How to inject

It comes in the form of a pen that is filled with medicine, and you can use the pen yourself, but after consulting the doctor who specializes in your condition

Slimming needles have proven effective in the recent period, as they are able to lose weight for those who suffer from an increase in weight from 10 to 15 kilograms, and for those who do not want a surgical procedure to get rid of their excess weight, so slimming needles are the best choice for them.

Features of slimming needles

  1. Get rid of excess weight without pain and completely safely.
  2. Slimming needles do not require anesthesia or hospitalization.
  3. It has no serious side effects or complications.
  4. Improve the firmness and elasticity of the patient’s skin.
  5. Slimming needles are a non-surgical method for treating obesity and overweight.
  6. Do not use in cases of pregnancy and lactation, and there are other pathological conditions in which it should not be used except under medical supervision.